wildlife conservation


Our goals are to develop and design places where animals have areas to live properly. One of the main goal in Wildlife Conservation is to create recovery centers for species that are endangered.

Wildlife Conservation wants to make people aware that they must make a change in order to contribute to activities related to the environment and can protect not only wildlife but the entire planet. The values we represent are independence, efficiency and respect.


Wildlife Conservation is an association which main purpose is to help and protect the different species on Earth. Wildlife Conservation is a website that provides news and issues of the species that exist. Members of our association make conferences in different universities around the world to protect wildlife. Our main goal is to promote and instill respect for the animals that inhabit our planet.



Events across Europe…These events will focus on flora y fauna. If we do not take action we will experience more droughts and severe storms.


National Climate Change needs to be implemented by national governments. We need national strategies.


Wildlife preservation will have an event about the Earth Hour program…Save the planet and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

MAY 05

Wildlife preservation board members have discussed how climate change can affect us …That is why we need to protect natural resources and nature.