the medium is the message

Even when the medium has changed in the end the message is the same. Human beings have been able to communicate through different mediums.

Throughout history, the way we communicate has changed and with the development of new technology it has become easier to exchange ideas and establish dialogue.

With the progress of technology and science human beings have been able to develop other types of media such as television, radio, internet, and others. Society depends on these media so that the information is faster and reach more places around the world.


In all eras, human kind has had the ability to communicate to meet their most vital needs. Without a basic communication people would not be able to survive.

Mankind transforms everything with communication. We have develop a meaning to everything that surround us.

Human communication throughout history has evolved from signals, cave paintings, pictograms, icons, movements as a systems to help people’s interaction.


We cannot live in isolation, we need to communicate and be in touch with one another in order to exchange concerns, ideas, joys, and our different points of view.

Interactions are an essential part of human life. They are a dynamic process when people receive or send messages.

From the creation of the media, social interactions has become easier for some people, but the human touch has not been replaced.


Media has been used in society to inform and communicate en masse from political, social, and economic to cultural and entertainment aspects.

Newspapers, radio and television stations are some of these media. The media are part of everyday life and it causes the message to be transmitted faster.

Although we are drowning in information, this does not mean we will obtain a deeper understanding of the message being transmitted.


The way we interact or communicate through technology or digital media has become limitless with the touch of a fingertip.

With the variety of digital media people have the opportunity to design, create, inform, express and communicate their ideas with a wider audience.

Technology has evolved so that the user experience is closer to realism. Augmented reality is an example of this innovation. With the evolution of technology we can say that the world is in the palm of our hand.